by Ape Unit

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"Turd" is Ape Unit's new record (out in vinyl 10" and digital download), and the first one recorded with the current line up.

It will be released in September 2015 by Uterus Productions, Here And Now Records, Zas Autoproduzioni, Distrozione, Don Carlos Productions, Tadca Records and Vollmer Industries.
released September 30, 2015

Recorded in Norway during winter 2015 by Francesco Groppo - Wherever Recording

Mixed and mastered by Paso - Studio 73

Artwork by Craoman
 - Graphic design by Simone Quaranta and Alberto Cornero

Logo by Luca Solo Macello

Additional vocals on "Your Body Will Become My
Abat-Jour" by Mattia Gatti (Logic Of Denial)


released September 30, 2015




Distrozione Torino, Italy

Distrozione nasce nel 2005 con l’idea di organizzare concerti e distribuire materiale informativo e musicale. Come ogni progetto, anche questo si pone degli obiettivi e cerca di perseguirli. Uno di questi è, appunto, di riuscire a creare una rete di sostegno economico per quei compagni che si spendono nelle lotte, diffondendo e dando eco a iniziative di conflitto e solidarietà attiva. ... more

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Track Name: Puberal Baphomet
Some days fails are worst than
The way you gotta die
Some days fails are like
The way you would lay
More epic than "Mother North"
Stronger than "Reign in Blood"
It’s time to meet your fate
It’s time to bow to your fate

Puberal Baphomet, yeah!
Track Name: Mullet For My Valentine
The only way to rape my crush apart

The 80s: true men and true metal
You must love me
Even if I am a fat ass I’ve got the hairdo of the Gods!

I’ll stay gold: I’m like Jacob B.
Track Name: Your Body Will become My Abat-Jour
Your body will be my abat-jour!
Modifying your body
I will steal all you have
Your body will be my abat-jour!

I will realize Metallica’s dream:
Smash your face and hit the lights
Track Name: The Will To Smith
Tell me where
The real men are
Doing manly jobs
Like carpenter or serial killer
Or the noble art of smith

The will to smith

My college graduation is useless day after day
I’ll quit everything and start to be a smith
Track Name: Tropical Mode ON
Tropical mode: On.
Just one love.
Track Name: Don't Touch The Forbidden Congas
I don’t fucking care
Justify my ass
You really dunno how I’m deep inside
What is this? What is that? I don’t fucking care!
My percussive passion’s driving me insane
My percussive passion’s driving me insane
Suddenly a fucking curse yelling out at me:

"No! Don’t touch the forbidden congas!
If you’ll touch them – that’s what the curse says –
your penis will fall under the shower!"

Use them like a toy! Use once and destroy, motherfucker!
I don’t care about that curse, the most important things are playing and destroying
Track Name: Orango Juice
Satan’s coming back to town
To find out another victim
Four legs and one cock
Beg down on your knees

This is the way you beg and suck my dick, now!
So long and thanks for all the juice!

Hail Satanas – Dominus – Satanas
Orango juice down your throat, in your mouth
Track Name: Sperm Bank Robbery
Three teenage girls – lesbians –
Looking for a cock’s substitute
To get your cock hard
Till you forgive your fucking name
What is your name? Penis of Pain?

They were looking for a cup of pee
It all ended in sperm robbery
They were hungry so they stole it all
Really longing for a pair of balls
Track Name: Children Of Boredom
Cuneo, born and raised
But I’m not the Fresh Prince
Tell me now what I should do
Gianna Gancia is not the cure
Fed up of this fucking shit
Children of Boredom
Track Name: Go Kart Cobain
I don’t understand
Why Seth Putnam is less famous
Than Kurt Cobain:
He as well did music and drugs

Everyone knows that pic of Seth
Having a blowjob
A syringe in his arm
Talking about being a rebel

Seth’s a Ferrari
Kurt’s a go-kart